Why I blame Peter McKinnon?

I started blogging at the last quarter of 2017 and I actually still have not much idea what I wanted to do. Been juggling my blog topics from food reviews to lifestyle and travel. However, I still can’t point exactly what I want focus my mind with, until I saw Peter McKinnon’s vlogs. You must be thinking, “Wait, who the heck is he?”. I’ll tell more about him later on. … More Why I blame Peter McKinnon?

Malaysia 2017: My first Overseas Trip

I have been planning to go overseas for years now. However, I have not given the opportunity due to lack of time and money. It has been on my bucket list to visit online friends and have a feel and look of being in another country. It was not an issue with me to be in another place far from home since I used to live alone before because of work location. … More Malaysia 2017: My first Overseas Trip