Discovering Sunflower Seed Oil Benefits left me amazed

One time, I noticed a colleague of mine who had been having issues with puffy eyes, having lesser eye bags lately. I was keen to know what she was doing. She also has some issues sleeping especially she’s a mother of a lovely and energetic toddler. She told me she has been using sunflower seed oil. … More Discovering Sunflower Seed Oil Benefits left me amazed

Top Travel Essentials I can’t go without

It’s almost summer here in the Philippines and it’s time again for summer outings and beach getaways. Everyone’s planning or even booking for their next trip. With all the fuzz about where to go and what clothes to bring for their OOTD selfies, they often forget some travel essential items. It’s quite a hassle to realize that you lack something important when it’s already too late. … More Top Travel Essentials I can’t go without

First Time Traveler Tips

Travel goals had been every millennial’s target. Jet-setters, travel junkies, name it, they’d love to have that title either they admit it or not. They say travelling is quite expensive and tedious. That’s why there are a lot of travel agencies that were established everywhere. Tour packages and discounted prices glimmers like a diamond to every curious cat who dreamt of flying above the sky. But is it that troublesome to have a getaway you feel you deserve? It depends on every situation. Last year, I had my very first overseas vacation, and it made me realize a lot of things. In which, I shall be writing about for the next few more weeks. For now, let me give a few tips that can help you plan your dream getaway. Note that the following details below are the suggested for budget packers and those who would not go for a tour package from Travel agencies. … More First Time Traveler Tips