Singapore 2017: When My Two Worlds Meet

Being in another country not only taught me how other people feel during travelling but also made me see more of what the world can offer. This feeling can be addictive and at the same time scary. There were a lot of things on my bucket list, and I know I am just starting. There are more places to go. Little by little I will achieve everything. Every ride I take is a different experience than another. Something I learned upon arriving in the melting pot of the world, Singapore. Right after I left Malaysia, I landed to Singapore on a Friday evening. I arrived at Changi International Airport, and I felt that I warped in a different world. Everything I saw in that airport was out of this world. Not to mention the clean comfort rooms and organized process upon arrival.



The place was filled with food joints, and you will not go hungry once you are here. Since I am not 100% certain of the food here yet, I decided to eat at Subway for now. Unexpectedly, the service lady was talking to me in tagalong. It was quite a comforting feeling that I see another Filipino in a foreign land. She was quite lovely and had a short chat with her. Not to mention, I have been speaking in English straight for days because I was in Malaysia for quite a while. I never thought that seeing a “kababayan” in a faraway place could be so refreshing. I have been reading and watching people describing that they are happy to meet people from their homeland. I never really understood the feeling. I was like, “You could see them when your back anyway, what’s the fuzz?” I said to myself. Now I understand the feeling. It was surreal, and it made you feel like you’re home. I can’t describe the exact sense, to be honest, but it’s different compared to when I met my friends in Malaysia. Another thing that I noticed was some of the staff at the airport is seniors. Just like the cleaner at Subway. She was old and seems to be around her 60’s. But she welcomes you with a warm smile. It was a mix of pity and amazement that I see old people like this. I decided to finish my meal and cleaned it myself, so granny cleaner won’t have to worry about mine. I wanted to hug both the cleaner and the staff over the counter, but I held back because they might think I’m crazy. Sadly I was not able to take a good shot of them.

Before leaving the airport, I decided to find where the MRT is. I arrived at Terminal 4 which is far from the MRT. The good thing here is there’s a free shuttle to Terminal 2 where the MRT was located. The reason I wanted an MRT card which is said to give you unlimited ride within a specified period. It was only available for foreigners. Due to my lousy sense of direction, I was a bit confused about the signboards and directions where to go. I came to the MRT station ticket booth late because I found 9 pm closed it. I arrived at the airport by 10:30 PM by the way, so it was impossible for me to reach there on time. I decided to take a cab instead. On my way to the taxi hub, I saw a small booth which sells these cards. And what was funny is I passed by this place a few times, but because I was too focused on searching for the MRT, I missed seeing it. It would have saved me a lot of time though.

I came to my hotel quite late, so I had to do the self-check-in. It was quite simple to follow, and I was able to go inside. The hotel I booked in with was called Blanc Inn, which I will put a review soon for you to see.



Similar to my Malaysia trip, I came to meet up with a few friends who were also locals in the country. I went to a few places with each of them. One I went to Suntec Mall where there was a Gudatama Cafe. The ambience was beautiful, and it was pleasant to stay. I’ll be writing another food blog soon about this joint.



Right after Suntec, I went to Chinatown with another friend. We first pass by the famous Merlion Park and took some photos. After that, we took the MRT and went straight to Chinatown. We went through and looked at the Pagoda Street where it was known for cheap souvenirs and stuff you can buy as giveaways or “pasalubong”. The place was quite crowded, but you can randomly hear a few Filipinos talking.



After that, we went to Gardens by the Bay. You would be passing by the Marina Bay Sands. The building itself was stunning. The architecture of this place was terrific. Due to time constraints, we were not able to roam around this are, but I will not fail to visit this next time.

The ticket includes two main attractions to visit for free. There are entirely a few attractions in the area, and if you choose to visit the rest, you will pay extra. We rode a shuttle in the area and came to the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. What amazed me is even if the place is huge and crowded, the air conditioning was strong. It was full of plants that you can see here locally, but most of the other plants are new to my eyes. It seems most of them were cultured from different parts of the world. I strongly suggest you wear t-shirts or if you choose to wear summer wear such as sleeveless, I recommend you bring a jacket or cardigan with you.



Philippines and Singapore have the same level of humidity and heat, so being inside these places felt so cold. During the night we met up with a couple more friends and Duck Pizza at Switch by Timbrehang out at Switch by Timbre. We drank a couple of drinks and ordered food together with it. What struck me was the Duck Pizza. My friends highly recommended it, and I was not disappointed. It was delicious! The meat was tender, and it was savoury. A must try once you visit here.


For breakfast, one place to try is Tiong Bahru at Eng Hoon Street. The bread was freshly baked and, the coffee was perfect to my taste. One bread alone is big enough to fill me up.



Before I went home, I took time to visit the featured attraction at Changi Airport. That month it was Sanrio Themed. It was cute, and there were a lot of people especially kids who wanted to take a selfie on each corner. Even the check-in counters were dressed up. If you were a kid at heart or just love Sanrio products, this is going to be heaven for you



Unlike Malaysia, my trip to Singapore was shorter. There a lot more places that I failed to visit. This gave me a motivation to come back and try them all. It may be short, but it was equally fun and fulfilling as my trip to Malaysia. Life is short to worry yourself with a lot of uncertainty. My overseas trips are my learning point on why I should chase my dreams further. The world has a lot more to give. I just need to step up my game. This also made me see more things that I should have seen long ago. It opened my eyes with boundless possibilities in life whether it is bad or good. The best part of this experience is finally meeting online friends in real life. Hanging out with them in flesh was an unforgettable experience. I look forward to more adventures to come. Cheers to a brighter and happier future.

16 thoughts on “Singapore 2017: When My Two Worlds Meet

  1. Been there too last May 2017. You made me miss SG. Thanks for sharing such informative article.
    Your photos look great. I hope you maximize them by enlarging them.

    More power to your blog.

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